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Being this true awkward presence in the world


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Artists, artists life: welcome! We're all the artists of our own livings. Art and life: nothing is separate and we go through the same issues and challenges. Let's dive into this process that empowers our way of creating through both art and daily life!
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Being this true awkward presence in the world

Presence should be the most natural thing to experience in this world.

But it comes with so much injunctions, fears, rejections… many times we would like to be more present, many times we would like to avoid people, things, events…

What if being present could be experienced in a more « being » than « doing » pattern?

Meditation is of course a key to practice the art of being present.

But all our sensory experiments can help us there.

In this episode, I explore:

  • how I use a foreign language to bring in me more awareness, truth and hopefully presence.

  • how as a pupil and then a teacher, I experienced the evaluation of the presence in the classroom.

  • our awkward precious ways of being present with our beloved ones.

  • And I also mention two books which made me think about how presence can be defined in another way:

Radical friendship - Kate Johnson : being present does not mean being perfect and acting perfect! #buddhism #embodiment #metta #kindness 

Bewilderment - Richard Powers : the art of wondering in nature, which remembers us how to simply be present to ourselves and to others. #autistic #HSP #universal #intimate #nature #presentmoment

Thanks for listening.

Marion / hluizar

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