Soft and strong / Les mots doux & puissants
Life creative process
'''Normal''' artists and the New artist

'''Normal''' artists and the New artist

Life.creative process EP.12 Humor discernment love

Dear beautiful weird artist,

this episode is meant to both alleviate, comfort, laugh, rejuvenate and thrill your soul.

I’ve made the journey.

I’m weird. I don’t fit in. I know how much norms can hurt and divide.

Intersections? That’s where I am.

Joy? That’s where I live and create.

Norms have been one of my specific interests for so long,

as someone who’s searched for the blue print of living in society for a long long time…

I just want to tell you:

Let yourself be in all of your aspects.

Let your art shine through your wounds and your glory.

You’re not separate. You might feel different but you also can experiment this vital sense of belonging. That happens when you create both with your soul AND your body AND your mind. Take care of your bodyvoice to take care of your art.

Gentle warning:

this episode was made humor and therefore with love. The normal artists I mention are those who have a life that seem opposite to mine and yet sometimes they are so similar. When I say "normal artists", I will mention elements that concern me personally by contrast and others that I see around me or that I imagine.. do not seek for true or fake, to discern general from particular: there is none, for the same is true of the norm.

The norms in general have always fascinated me as a person who has long felt or believed different, fragmented, separated, To the point of writing a thesis when I went back to university at 30 years old to study sociolinguistics... since then I can say that I happily remain in the middle of many intersections.

To take distance and laugh at oneself is the most natural and powerful act to free ourselves from our neuroses and the beliefs we nourish about us, others, the world. The tone here is both ironic and tender. The new artist, on the other hand, is very real to me; he/she is the one to whom I address myself and with whom I collaborate, he is the one for whom I wrote my last book.

And whoever I’m writing this episode for, if it’s you, then welcome, and thank you for being.


PS: what is your current definition of being an artist? Did you ever think you had to fit in an artistic norm? Do you still struggle with it?

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Soft and strong / Les mots doux & puissants
Life creative process
In this podcast I want to share about how we feel, how we deal, when it comes about creation and life:
how we process from life to creation
how we process from creation to life.
This podcast is for those of you who create and live with high intensity and love for inner peace.
I hope it will bring some releasing feelings, joy, compassion, laugh and connection.
Let me know if you relate to what I share with you.
Thanks for listening.