Soft and strong / Les mots doux & puissants
Life creative process
Sharing vulnerable art of making art

Sharing vulnerable art of making art

Behind the scenes is the true You


this episod was recorded at the end of 2022.

Friday is the day I use to tidy up my computer:

  • deleting useless material,

  • renaming what needs to,

  • making space in the watch/listen list on youtube

  • in other words: refreshing this virtual space in order to help my brain process better.

Actually I don’t know what happened but I found this recorded file that I did not share in time.

ADHD welcome! :) As I practice what I write in my upcoming book for artists dealing with ADHD, I took it one step at a time :

1 reframe the record

2 send it

3 don’t rush into making much more for today, no need to DO more but need to do LESS and let my nervous system take a rest in the sweet silence.

Just because my life is not on Substack… neither my creativity

(oh do you ever tell yourself the same? I’m litteraly exhausted if I take a look at all that is suggested on the feeds : overwhelming overbinging… quite painful when you have known ED by the way).

I might have been quite anxious and feeling perfectly imperfect about this lost episod.

I decided to share it to you, even with delay, even if I have already recorded 2 other episods in french since that one!

But I found that in the french episods I did not talk about vulnerability the way I did in this session. So this all sounds appropriate:

finding myself quite vulnerable at this time,

as I need both to rest AND to keep busy on my writing deadline,

as we’re all constantly rushed and overwhelmed in this messy suffering yet hopeful world,

I send you this as a nice reminder

to treat yourself kindly,

to keep yourself surrounded by inspiring nurishing gentle funny people (all in one would be great!) - quality over quantity

to laugh, to love, to live.

Take care of yourself to take care of your art, because this world needs healthy artists,

thanks for listening.


Soft and strong / Les mots doux & puissants
Life creative process
In this podcast I want to share about how we feel, how we deal, when it comes about creation and life:
how we process from life to creation
how we process from creation to life.
This podcast is for those of you who create and live with high intensity and love for inner peace.
I hope it will bring some releasing feelings, joy, compassion, laugh and connection.
Let me know if you relate to what I share with you.
Thanks for listening.