Life creative process

In this podcast I want to share about how we feel, how we deal, when it comes about creation and life: how we process from life to creation how we process from creation to life. This podcast is for those of you who create and live with high intensity and love for inner peace. I hope it will bring some releasing feelings, joy, compassion, laugh and connection. Let me know if you relate to what I share with you. Thanks for listening. Hluizar/Marion

Burn out vs pleasure and energyListen now (22 min) | writing a book is a mental health challenge
Sharing vulnerable art of making artListen now (16 min) | Behind the scenes is the true You
How meditation changed my art practiceListen now (25 min) | Life creative process EP9
Who takes part in your creation?Listen now (23 min) | EP8 LIFE CREATIVE PROCESS Creating alone and/or together
Labels don't predict your path : amateur vs professionalListen now (18 min) | EP7 LIFE CREATIVE PROCESS - Do you process your life like your art?
Suffering vs masteringListen now (25 min) | LIFE CREATIVE PROCESS EP6
Faire cohabiter souffrance et joie Listen now (30 min) | EP6 PROCESSUS CREATIF DE VIE
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