Mar 6 • 1M

Some words to ease your mind

a dream I still hold tight for this world

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Artists, artists life: welcome! We're all the artists of our own livings. Art and life: nothing is separate and we go through the same issues and challenges. Let's dive into this process that empowers our way of creating through both art and daily life!
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From side to side

Same desires

From time to time

Same fears, strong hopes

willing to cross the lines

melting warmths and skills

Is this a new world?

linking us by all the ways

and creating - always

creating more and more

I wish words, sounds and smiles

could simply heal the world.

04.01.2019 Avignon

Sometimes words are so vain.

Still we need voices to resonate with our pain, to hold us tight through the night,

and to heal our hearts.

We’re all bodies and voices and for sure time has come for several years now to feel how we can’t breath, feel, grow, without other beings.

So just for today, here’s a poem from the very first days of 2019 (containing my awkward english too! :p ).

This was my dream at that time. And it’ still is. As creators we’re a big source of enlightnment and tenderness for this world.

I thought its words were quite appropriate for today’s chaos, surely because I myself need a little light to keep my faith alive.

Hope you’re all doing well.

May you find joy, relief and inner peace thanks to all that inspires you.

May you be the inspiration that you need,

with much love in my words and my voice,