Dec 28, 2021 • 8M

Life creative process Ep.0

When we're about to create: feelings and thrillings!

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Artists, artists life: welcome! We're all the artists of our own livings. Art and life: nothing is separate and we go through the same issues and challenges. Let's dive into this process that empowers our way of creating through both art and daily life!
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Welcome to this very first episod of

Life creative process

In this podcast I want to share about how we feel, how we deal, when it comes about creation and life:

how we process from life to creation

how we process from creation to life.

This podcast is for those of you who create and live with high intensity and love for inner peace.

So here is the “zero” episod. I recorded it two months ago when I got this idea.

I wanted to leave a trace of this very particular moment when we get thrilled by what comes up to our mind and hearts, when we feel so much joy and excitment, knowing something new - someting ALIVE - is going to emerge from ourselves into the world.

I hope it will bring some releasing feelings, joy, compassion, laugh and connection.

Let me know if you relate to what I share with you.

Thanks for listening.